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A patrol heads out one morning in Vietnam, circa 1967. The one with the glasses is "Sarge". The m-60 machine gunner is "Gunney" , Radio man is "Sparks" and the blonde haired soldier is "The Kid"

The new kid on the block reluctantly takes the point on this patrol

"Don't worry kid it'll be alright"

Not far away three vietcong make their way through the dense jungle

Their leader's name is Pho Fuk.

The one of the left is Ding Hop. The one in the middle is Chin Fat. Suddenly they hear something in the distance

Assuming an attack stance they inch forward on the trail, ready for just about anything

They spot a lone figure in the distance, an american soldier. mh.jpg">

They spot a lone figure in the distance, an american soldier. They open fire with their AK-47's

It's the kid, out ahead of his patrol scouting the perimeter. "Sarge!" he yells out while running as
fast as he can up the hill back to the rest of the patrol.

Minutes later Sarge and the guys arrive to find the kid dead. "Jes, Gunney we couldn't of been that far
behind him...all intelligence reported no VC for miles. I don't get it.". "Sarge, Look! hes still breathing..come on kid hold on!"

"Thats right HQ one Huey to those coordinates right away.....we need help!"

"I shouldn't of let him go alone" "It's o.k. Sarge its not your fault, its ok"

Out of nowhere all hell breaks loose. The VC, having taking cover off the trail after ambushing the
kid, open fire on the rest of the patrol. Sarge and Gunney return fire, but need to get the kid out of the way

Gunney holds the VC off while Sarge grabs the kid and runs for cover. "Hold on kid, I know it hurts bad..helps on the way!"

Gunney returns fire between himself and two VC. In the meantime one gets ahead of Gunney and makes a run for
Sarge and the kid. Luckily Gunney lets out a yell "Sarge! one on your rear I can't get him!" Just as he was close
enough to maybe nail Sarge with his knife, He lets him have it in the shoulder.

"Take that you commie bastard!"

Seconds later Gunney and the Sarge are able to overtake the VC after they run out of ammo.

"Pretty close one that time, huh Gunney?" "Yeah Sarge, too close for me"

"Gunney try to get some info out of them. Find out how they got in this area. I'm telling ya theres a
network of tunnels nearby for sure."

"Damit, HQ wheres that copter!" Hang on kid it won't be long."

"Sarge, theres the copter now..I got the kid..lets get out of here!"

"He ain't heavy, hes my brother"