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Shelbys, made from 1965 to1970, were Mustang GT's modified by race car driver Carol Shelby at his facility in California, then sold thru Ford dealerships. The cars received performance enhancements to the engine, suspension, steering, and exhaust. All received special serial number tags and some got racing stripes.
The '65's and 66's were true race cars. If you purchased one, and they were expensive for their time, you had the same car factory drivers were racing and winning with.
In '66 a total of 2378 cars were made, 999 for the Hertz Sports Car Club program and available at 50 Hertz locations around the country for rental. Theses Shelbys had automatic transmissions and painted either black, red, white, blue,and green with special "Hertz" gold stripes. When the program ended, remaining cars were sold to the public.
My car, serial number 1800, left Shelby's facility on April 29th 1966 by train to Marhsall Motors, for dealer prep, then to Cleveland Hopkins airport for rental at $17 a day, 17 a mile. Presently it sports Shelby "R" model wheels, a front apron, toploader trans and a rare original Hertz Sports Car Club medalion. I have trophies from shows but enjoy using more in open track events at Watkins Glen and Lime Rock.