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LZ21 Home Long-Range Operatives Black Market Classified Information MP Prototype
Command and Control Vietnam Patrol Woody's Troops Modified 21st Vietnam gear

Coordinates for locations where you can find text and photographic evidence of actual people, places and things
associated with the Vietnam War. No toys here folks, this is the real deal.

Howard's Vietnam Photos
Howard Kramer's story, in photos, of his tour as a sniper in vietnam

3rd Air Police Squadron
Ernest Govea's photos

Mark Webb's site
First hand account of the truths and myths of Vietnam. Definatley read the story about the other "enemies", the leeches!.

Former SOG John Plaster's site

Bandido Charlie Company
M113 Armored Personal Carrier Unit

Real radios have motors!
Info and photos on Prc's

Darrell Hoefling
Many photos of when he served as a Special Forces soldier

Jim Henthorn's site
Weapons Mechanic and occasional door gunner with the 21st Helicopter Squadron

Info Weapons & Gear

William Deans photos
Served with Companies D + E, 3rd Battalion 187th Airborne Infantry, 101st Airborne Division

Curt Bartholomew
Served with the 205th Assault Support Helicopter Company

Everette "Yogi" Hebert's PBR memories
An incredible collection of PBR information from a person who was there!