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Command and Control Vietnam Patrol Woody's Troops Modified 21st Vietnam gear

Several months ago I went down to Orlando, Florida to spend time with two friends of mine who are into the "Joe"
scene, customizers Tony and Woody. The following morning we got right into it. Tony and I drove out to Woodys
place and proceed to assist the master diorama man himself with what has to be the biggest assembly of action
figures outside I have seen since the early seventies.

We walked around to the backyard, which includes a pond area, but saw no sign of Woody. The closer We got
to the waters edge revealed Woodys Vietnam troops everywhere, posed and ready to go, but still no Woody.
Seconds later we looked down to see Woody appear from the far right, in the water, with a wet suit on, posing
his remaining figures and wearing a huge smile. That, my friends is a guy who plays hard!

We spent the nest few hours setting up both Vietnam and German WW2 figures all around the backyard.
What you see below is the best from the photos of Woody's Troops.

Somewhere near the Mekon Delta, Vietnam 1967

A patrol on foot and jeep makes its way thru some tough terrain

Realizing, short of its destination, that the jeep has broken down. A victim of the dense roots and mud.

The commander alerts his team to the situation.

Daylight is fading quick. and a decision must be made on how to proceed from here on out

The commander decides to have volunteers move ahead cautiously and survey the trail ahead while putting
a call thru to base camp miles down the road for a helicopter to lift them out

The team moves out.

Not far down the trail rests a Vietcong enemy patrol.

The scout team inches its way ahead.

> Cho Ly, the VC patrol's most ruthless member hears the crush of sand nearby.

The scout team continues to fans out on the trail

Cho Ly is confident he has heard something and summons the rest of the VC to assume attack positions

Bobby Edwards, a M-60 gunner is at the point

Cho Ly and his commrades catch a glimpse of somthing and take no chances..they open up firing in succession
about the area

As all hell breaks loose the scout group heads back to the jeep. At the same time the rest of the patrol
signals with smoke to alert the incoming Huey copter on both their location and status of being fired upon.

Smoke and gunfire engulfs the entire area

The men run back to seek cover and support from the rest of the patrol near the jeep

Just in time a helicopter begins its descent to pickup the first of the group while firing down upon the VC.