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I recently aquired this prototype of the Club Exclusive Vietnam MP figure that was given away at the 1999 Intrepid
Show by Club President Rex. Its a MP from the 716th battalion of the 18th Military Brigade, circa 1968. The brigade
was the army's first ground units deployed to South Vietnam in March of1965. Three years they found themselves at
the front line of the war when fighting in Saigon began as a result of the 1968 "Tet Offensive". The 716th's dutys
included guard posts, VIP escorts, and traffic control.

This is an unfinished prototype. At the time several aspects of the figure were still in development by 21st.
Take note of the flak vest minus the bottom trim, which was correct on some vests from the war. Later, finished
production pieces, included gear the actual MPs carried. The helmet and armband are exact scaled versions of
the actual items from the uniform. A fine figure indeed.