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Here's the best of the custom G.I. Joe builders out there on the web. Custom heads, hands, uniforms, vehicles,
weapons and complete figures. If you are searching for some unique items to complete or enhance your vietnam
displays, check out my custom vietcong items on the "Jungle Joe" page of this site.

Leopoldo Moreno's custom Joe accessories
This guy has a Steve McQueen G.I. Joe head as well as some wild boots and various avaition accessories, Wow!.

Polo Moreno's review page
The latest stuff from ApeJoe

Custom Pilot Helmets by Dave McAdams
By far the most detailed and serious custom items I have ever seen.

Cotsmold Collectbles
Now you can choose the head, hands, body..everything to make it YOUR Joe!

Adventure Gear
Custom made clothes and accessories..a must see

PX Action Accessories
Custom made clothes...specializing in law enforcement related 12" accessories

Mike Cherry's custom items
Custom made clothes...specializing in G.I> Janes custom "figure enhancements" and uniforms

John's Stuff
Check out his personel carrier prototype

Explore Gear
Various custom items

Specializing in German army related items

G.I. Joe.HK
Incredible clothes and other items....checkout his N2B jacket!

Soldiers Thru Time
Nice custom clothes sets

Action Vehicles
Remote control vehicles for your Joes

Adventure Gear
All sorts of clothes...casual to mountain climbing stuff!

Armaments in Miniature
Uniforms, weapons and a cool custom head

Francis Tavares' site
Uniforms and some custom heads

Circle Home
Look for the "catalog items" that to see some of their cool uniforms

James DeSimone's stuff
Alot of stuff here. This link brings you to vehicles he makes for G.I. Joe...look for his tank! After the two pages here you can retunr to the main site via the sitemap link

FireBase Charlie
G.I. Joe barracks and various buildings and diorama accessories. The wildest stuff I've seen yet! Its just too much, you have been warned

Haywire Toys
Weapons for Joe

Heroes Axis Powers
German World War 2 Vehicles, uniforms and insignias

New Centurions
Law Enforment items for G.I. Joe

John's Stuff
Unique Vietnam items

Jimbob-Wan's Image Depot
Serious custom work. A great site full of info and links galore

Kelly's Heroes
Unique custom figures and heads

M's Deck
Way Kool stuff..see his resourcefulness in creating a Max Headroom head..wild!

Major Midnite
Great uniforms, equipment and vehicles

Signal Corps
A large assortment of custom heads for sale

Kung Fu Products Accessories
Detailed magazine pouches, sweaters and hats

Uniforms and accessories from the Civil War on up.

Reproduction boxes
See thier G.I. Joe boxes

Sara-Inu Ya's custom items
Great stuff

Action City
German & Russian and World War 2 uniforms and acessories

Soldiers Thru Time
Check the cloth pouches and leather boots