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You'll find photos from my friends, Tony and Woody as well as pics from my collection on this page. I'll be adding
to this page as soon as I take more shots of all my figures.

My G.I. Joes
Here's my little collection. Like everyone else my dolls either were throw out reluctantly or disappeared. So, about ten years ago I picked up a few at various shows and or flea markets. The doll inside the astronaut suit is actually the only one thats originally mine...a blonde fuzzy head with beard. Somewhere along the way it got a shave

The rice paddy
Green Beret in a rice paddy over in Vietnam

Green beret
A closeup view of my vintage G.I. Joe Green Beret figure

Air force Pilot
A closeup view of my vintage G.I. Joe Air Force Pilot figure

Tony's Joe collection
My best friend. Moving to Florida was one thing, all these toys is another. Lov' ya Brother Holmes

Woody's Joes
Tony's friend down in Florida. Check out Woody's hand-sculptured Vietnam heads! Woody is way cool

On patrol
G.I. Jane from the 82nd Airborne on a mission

In the Army, for real
This is the story of Joe's adventures in A Co. 3/325, 82nd Airborne Division. It is a tale of both joy and woe.

Omaha beach
G.I. JOE diorama's of various scenes for D-Day

Virgil Hilts figure
Steve McQueen's character "Virgil Hilts" from the Great Escape movie. Made in Japan a few years back by a comapny called the Real McCoys. They also made "Wanted: Dead or Alive" and "The Hunter" figures. I've decided to make my own. Check out Polo Moreno's site called "ApeJoe", listed on my "Custom" page, for a great McQueen head