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Recently declassified photos of Joe on duty aboard the Intrepid. Photos taking by Karin and I during Joe's visit
to the Intrepid during Fleet Week 1999.

At the bow
Joe stands proud as he takes his station at the bow.

On deck
Learning the ropes

Joe aboard the Intrepid
Karin set up this shot. Cool!

All hands on deck
Working hard on the flight deck

Taking a break
A short break near a porthole

Plane ride
Joe is all business as he prepares to board a plane.

Taking a shore leave
Joe gets rady to depart the ship for a well deserved shoreleave in Maui

Joe in uniform
A close up of the G.I Joe Sailor uniform. The life vest really works!

Joe leaves the the Intrepid
Joe departs Fleet Week in his own special way.